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Day Twenty Six - A Record Is On The Horizon



Only nine days left, the clock is ticking, how will you pass the finish line? Floundering and faltering or going full bore trying to get every last point you can for the event. I just wanna let you all know I tested positive for COVID today which is no surprise to me, I've been feeling crappy for a few days. I guess this is what I get for socialising! So I'm going to try to keep up with blogs and such but I'm so exhausted all the time that they may drop in length or quality. 


So how are the team stats looking today? Well, there's only one way to know. it seems you guys didn't really respond to my request to fold more so for the last 24 hours we produced an average total of 2,146,800,149 points. For week four of the event we have managed 10,666,740,868 so far, and with two days left of the week that number will only be going higher. For the event overall the team has outputted a total of 55,472,433,904 points. On the Work Unit front, the team has folded through 5,664 Work Units today, for the week that number goes up to 28,074 Work Units and for the event as a whole we have computed through an incredible 148,335 Work Units. 


Mxyzptlk is, as we expect sitting on the throne with 3,564,027,199 points, a truly incredible number, the previous record for total points during an event is a hair over 3.7B so he is certainly going to be setting a new record by the close of the event. Shlouski is in second place with 2,960,876,545 followed by the last on the podium, miker07 who takes the rank of third with 2,703,231,788 points. Justaphf is in danger but right now he is filling in the fourth rank with 2,684,378,270 while jakkuh_t is stalking him from behind, taking the rank of fifth with 2,631,651,038 points. Alex Atkin UK is in 6th with 1,985,292,150 points, looking very safe when you consider Gorgon who is behind him with 1,773,176,382 points. _Rlocke is in 8th with 1,295,711,166 points. firedfly who has been dead in the water for a while is sitting in 9th with 1,148,598,346 points and finally, we have the honourable gatekeeper, vsteel is taking up the post once again with 926,694,552 points. 


I'll be honest I'm falling asleep at my desk so I'm going to leave it there, have a good night folks and keep up the good work. 


Please click on the link below to see the full list of ranks for the event.

For this event all of the ranks will be on one link, there will be individual sheets added for each day, you can navigate these at the bottom of the window. 


Folding Month VI Daily Stats


Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY! 


I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worthwhile every year.


Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.


Be wary of the minimum participation requirements of this event.


20 Days with activity*, 500,000 Points & 40 WU

(*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)



Happy folding,




Stay safe, rest well and get well soon

And in a twisted way, you get what you deserved for socialising (just kidding)

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