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About this blog

This is a blog space where I, Timothy Green, share my takes on games, tech, gadgets, and tools. It differs from the opinions of LTT, but I strive to be as informative and as concise as possible in my own way. Feel free to leave me your comments and opinions about my posts!


For gaming team-ups, casual chat, giveaways and promotions, don't look here. This is not the place for that (LTT might not like it). Please use my dedicated Discord server or Steam Chat for that.


This blog is not directly affiliated with Linus Media Group, i.e. I am not commissioned to write these posts. TGif Gamer is currently non-sponsored and not for profit, though I may leave suggestions on what tech to use.

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Hello, and Welcome!

Ladyfingers and Frigidaires! I'm Timothy Green for TGif Gamer! This is the OFFICIAL blog of yours truly, hosted on this wonderful tech site from Canada!   ...   ...Okay, I confess. I'm one of those obnoxious Americans. Deal with it. I live in the United States, which - hang on. Isn't Canada also America? I mean, it resides in North America, but then there's also South Amer-   ANYWAY! Before I begin to have an existential crisis, let's move on. Here's what I want to