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    dogwitch reacted to bmx6454 in Need Help with Xbox Game Pass   
    it needs to be a game that is actually on game pass, it also doesn't offer free dlc for every game it does have.
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    dogwitch got a reaction from bmx6454 in Need Help with Xbox Game Pass   
    so yeah. that not how gamers pass works.
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    dogwitch got a reaction from linuxChips2600 in Chinese Steam Explained   
    i do overall hope the local game dev dont get hurt by this. i always support small dev of games.
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    dogwitch reacted to Thaldor in Chinese Steam Explained   
    This really isn't anything unexpected, after all every global company will face up with the question of either locking themselves out of 15-20% of global economy or getting on with it. That market is actually kind of big key to stay big today, like if Valve wouldn't have done this but done what some consumers would like them to do, some other company would really happily take that market spot from Valve and wouldn't give two cents about what US and EU consumers think about them (as these big companies usually would give two cents about the consumers, not including when brown stuff hits fan for reason or other and some PR is needed to be done, generally they couldn't give a flying duck what consumer thinks about them as long as they consume).
    Completely same thing as with EU making privacy strongholds and and really pressuring corporations about privacy issues and consumer rights, as US doing what US generally does, gives freedoms to corporations to do as they wish as long as some things happen in the background (*cough cough* NSA *cough cough*) and Australia doing what Australia does. Just different market areas, different reasons and different cases.
    No sane company is going to leave EU or Australia or China because they start to demand something the company doesn't want to do or it means they can't make as much profits. Just because we talk about huge sums of money and huge pieces of pie called marketshare. If China was same level country as Russia or India (I don't have any ill will, it's just as I see things) where there is possibility for huge amounts of customers but they don't have much money that they are willing to spent on stupid things, probably no one would give two cents about it, just like no one gives two cents about North-Korea and their censorship. But China has managed to economically grow and people are just mad whales, like really, you think some P2W mobile game that shines in stores with a lot of downloads and seems to have crazy amounts of money to do marketing is getting those amounts from just US, EU, Russia and rest of the world population (excluding China)? Nah, no way, generally we are smart spenders, our camels back breaks quite soon when you take China into account, like seriously sinking €£$1000/month to a single game sounds crazy to us, with Chinese whales (that are numerous) you can put one extra zero to that number... At least one, it's just insane playerbase and how much they are willing to spent. If their other consuming behavior is same kind of insanity, yeah... We bitch about games costing £$€60 and scream "madness" if someone tries to take $£€70 for their game and in China you probably could do same level of profits with £$€150 games and globally, no one would care because we don't hear Chinese bitching about things.
    Yeah, people can get mad to you about doing it but luckily modern people are sheep enough to forget about it in week or two and move on to next thing, but you would be completely stupid not to at least try to please Ping Pong and his government in hopes to get your foot between that door.
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    dogwitch reacted to wkdpaul in Chinese Steam Explained   
    I know it can be annoying since this video is freely talking about lots of stuff, but things often get emotional and it quickly gets out of control. This makes things harder for the mod team (people often report stuff when it's way past rules violations, and at that point we have to go through multiple pages to remove or redact replies, this kinda breaks the flow of the discussion and can lead to further issues).
    So better to focus on the video title here (Steam version for the Chinese market), rather than the CCP control, or even the human rights issues.
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    dogwitch reacted to Radium_Angel in Chinese Steam Explained   
    But there will never be a shortage of people trying to outdo the Bezos' of the world.
    Money brings power, and power...that is the goal. Money is just a means to get there.
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    dogwitch reacted to kokosnh in Just How Bad is Mixing Memory?   
    4:33 - that's not a flex mode, that's Dual-channel with three DIMMs, and intel CPUs have it too. 
    and depending on the configuration, with bad matching RAM you would get Single-channel with three DIMMs

    and to expand about compatibility, it all boils down to that you have 2 memory channels in normal CPUs memory controllers, so you can run with little performance hit, on almost anything compatible with 2 RAM sticks.
    The stairs begin with more then 2 RAM stick, and from bank/rank differences. 
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    dogwitch reacted to TempestCatto in Unboxing Counterfeit LTT Merch   
    So many of those shit photoshop jobs on those websites would make for GREAT meme templates.
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    dogwitch got a reaction from sub68 in NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.   
    yes could. same with boinc
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    dogwitch got a reaction from FakeKGB in NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.   
    yes could. same with boinc
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    dogwitch reacted to sub68 in NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.   
    Could these mining cards be good for F@H
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    dogwitch reacted to stevecam in NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.   
    I am surprised people aren't calling Linus some conspiracy nut after this video, I know this is what people have been saying to me
    I loved the review, sic em Linus, some of us know what's going on here
    I couldn't help but notice that people are still defending how nvidia makes a profit, saying that benefit is for gamers, I'm not too sorry to bring my own agenda in to it, but this goes to nvidia and AMD, if these guys cared about gamers then they would start recognising us VFIO gamers who just want to use your GPU's for gaming
    Instead we rely on masked builds and PCI-e bus hacks to make use of features that are available (but disabled by driver)
    The A100 is still cost prohibitive for us Linux users ($12,500) just for gaming
    If Nvidia care about gamers at all, then they need to stop stonewalling us and leading us on (like they did with the 30xx launch)
    I am really looking forward to the Intel Xe launch, who knows, might be the same bull dust, at least Intel's CEO isn't related to the competition and the 01.org foundation looks promising, something open source hopefully
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    dogwitch reacted to D13H4RD in NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.   
    So it's just the miners that's causing this whole mess, eh? We're just going to ignore;
    Heightened demand overall that's started since 2020 due to pandemic-induced stay-at-home orders A severe shortage of raw materials that is affecting the production of the actual card such as VRAM dies. Manufacturing scaling issues at chip foundries that's reducing output considerably Freight companies prioritizing vaccine and PPE distribution rather than a graphics card Limited wafer allocation due to several products being made on the same node and companies prioritizing higher-margin products like data-center chips. I'm not at all saying miners aren't contributing because they very much are, in a significant manner. But it's tone-deaf to say they are the literal problem when there are many, many, many contributing factors to why the GPU market right now is a right mess. Especially the first one, as it seems people have forgotten the time where it was a right impossibility to find a Turing GPU that also isn't jacked up in price due to shortages. This was before the late-2020 mining boom, by the way.
    And it still floors me to see you claim a GTX 1060 is unable to play a modern game well...
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    dogwitch reacted to atxcyclist in NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.   
    Kudos to you for sticking that out, but I had to ditch my 750 Ti in 2016 because the performance was sub-par for games like Fallout 4. I don't believe a 750 Ti is very different than a 660 from a performance standpoint.
    Even if 900 series cards were affordable, people would have an option for DX12/Vulcan-capable cards with decent amounts of VRAM and GPU performance. I'm seeing plenty of 980s for $250+ on eBay, which is absurd considering they are now 4 generations old and were not even the highest-tier.
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    dogwitch reacted to Bramimond in The BIGGEST Consumer SSD is SO SMALL!!   
    Kilo, mega, etc. are just powers of ten, yes, but bytes usually come in powers of two and instead of inventing a whole other name for each prefix (kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi), which would sound mentally challenged, people just kept the familiar prefixes, while knowing that bytes are different. Kind of like people know that 60s are a minute and not 100s. Even though this makes absolutely no sense.
    1TB should be 10244 Bytes: 1.099.511.627.776
    And not 10004 Bytes:
    Which then shows up as / (1024 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024) = ~0.909TB
    On larger drives the difference becomes even more noticeable, like 10TB drives only actually having ~9TB of space.
    Having said all that, I totally would buy a 15TB SSD, if it was price competitive with the HDD equivalent. I don't really need the stuff an SSD offers for pure storage. Though, if copying data over was significantly quicker, I might pay 15% extra over the HDD.
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    dogwitch reacted to gamestev in What did you DO?? - The "Jellyfish Fryer" All-SSD Server   
    NAS and Jellyfish are very silly
    I have an old motherboard and FX-4300 CPU and DDR3 running 28 drives thanks to a $15 SAS expander and a $30 SAS card.
    Do people really not know about mounting drives as NTFS volumes and sharing the parent directory on the network??
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    dogwitch reacted to GDRRiley in What did you DO?? - The "Jellyfish Fryer" All-SSD Server   
    it is a lot more DIY than most other soltuions.
    Ironically most of the systems not planned by Linus are by Wendel from level 1 techs. he really likes server+disk shelves. He helped Snazylabs and Gamers nexus along with I think paul or kyle.
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    dogwitch reacted to mitcoes in What did you DO?? - The "Jellyfish Fryer" All-SSD Server   
    1.- I would love to read the budget by parts on screen and at the youtube notes.
    2.- I would love to watch an Open Media Vault vs FreeNAS benchmark for this and other NAS
    3.- I would like to watch SOHO NAS configurations, and benchmarks
    from those made with rk3399 boards to latest low spec x86 computers
    to those that are WiFi hard drives with battery vs DIY solutions
    All of that with budget benchmarking tips and tricks, and some
    virtual machines, containers and services as Nextcloud in a OMV container
    I think once a month something about SOHO NAS would be great
    as your public are SOHO users.
    Thanks in advance for  taking into consideration these suggestions 
    and thanks for your informing while entertaining  videos
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    dogwitch got a reaction from Rybo in Post your milestones, ranking, etc...   
    ltt prime team broke in the  2 billion mark this week
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    dogwitch reacted to Archer42 in New PSU triggering circuit breaker   
    My guess will be circuit breaker working too close to its rated current limit  and being tripped by inrush current.
    If PSU had a fault which should trip circuit breaker (basically short circuit of some kind) it would not work at all.
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    dogwitch reacted to Stu_Bear in Should You Make Your Own VPN?   
    Ummm....I created a VPN on my home server so I can dial into it from work and visit this website undetected...seriously I set it up for giggles.  It's free to do if you use OpenVPN.
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    dogwitch reacted to Chiyawa in Maybe upgrading is pointless…..   
    Well, if PCIe Gen 4 is pointless, why would nVidia jump in the band wagon, and why would Intel announce they are going PCIe Gen5?
    Actually, rather than talking about bandwidth, the main point is that it reduce latency somewhat.
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    dogwitch reacted to PhoenixFire22588 in Maybe upgrading is pointless…..   
    His face is pure defeat though. R.I.P. 
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    dogwitch reacted to williamcll in Maybe upgrading is pointless…..   
    I do wish more boards could aggregate PCIe 3.0x8 into a PCIe 4.0x4 so legacy chipsets could handle faster SSDs.
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    dogwitch reacted to Bartandroid123 in Dogecoin core syncing problem   
    i suppose i could try a diffrent wallet