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    dogwitch reacted to BuckGup in Wondering what Ampere's BTC hashrates are   
    Considering USB ASICs that use 5W and can do 360Gh/s and have been around since 2013 it's uber utter spec shit
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    dogwitch reacted to BondiBlue in What is folding@home even doing for it's covid projects anymore?   
    I've never looked into BOINC, but their site does seem a lot more informative at first glance than F@h. 
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    dogwitch got a reaction from BondiBlue in What is folding@home even doing for it's covid projects anymore?   
    i said that for years now.
    that the 1 thing boinc does right.
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    dogwitch reacted to BondiBlue in What is folding@home even doing for it's covid projects anymore?   
    They could do so much with it to give good information about what it is and how you can help. It's a shame they don't. 
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    dogwitch reacted to RollinLower in what is your stance on bitcoin?   
    have invested in it, am currently mining and i probably will keep investing in it.
    i'm ready for digital currencies to take over tbh.
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    dogwitch reacted to AnonymousGuy in what is your stance on bitcoin?   
    A really great means of laundering money in exchange for some electricity.  I'm not investing in BTC cause I think it's a viable currency.  I'm investing in it because I don't think the world is going to suddenly have less of a need for dirty money.
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    dogwitch reacted to AnomalyDesign in NVIDIA Thinks These Are Worthless   
    So was this a whole re-shoot to focus on the 760 instead of the 750ti (which the Floatplane viewers pointed out isn't actually losing support yet?)
    Edit: should have checked FP for the answer first. The answer is yes, it's a reshoot. I'm not losing my mind. Funny to see parts of the script get minimally rewritten, even if the points don't make as much sense. "There are more 750ti cards out there than 3080s!" Is certainly stronger than "there aren't quite as many 760s as there are 3090s!"
    Must have been a painful process all around, but I'm glad it was caught and fixed. If only all youtubers put in the effort to correct their misinformation...
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    dogwitch reacted to Vishera in Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb   
    In the games i work on we remove the Ultra settings from the options,since with the high settings there is no need for the Ultra settings...
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    dogwitch got a reaction from Radium_Angel in AMD vs Intel Title Match - XMG Core 15   
    your right.
    end of the day. i see way to many people only use 1 source for research.
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    dogwitch reacted to KouKouKaChu in I need HELP with my new house...   
    Vancouver BC doesn't get to freezing or below that often, but it does happen every year.
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    dogwitch reacted to Radium_Angel in AMD vs Intel Title Match - XMG Core 15   
    I get that Steve may be smart, but his presentation leaves a LOT to be desired. He reminds me of an auctioneer with his rapid-delivery and never pausing for breath. 
    I also hate how it takes 27 minutes to explain a 3 minute issue. Blatant runtime padding pisses me off.
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    dogwitch reacted to LostViking009 in I need HELP with my new house...   
    If you can, please bring in a professional, at least for designing the architectural things in the room. The best audio system in the world still sounds like sh*t in bad acoustics. In it's current form, the room is obviously both really resonant and reflective. Few more things. You don't want sound proofing, you want acoustic treatment. Those are different things, you wan't the room to sound good, but not dead - and your main concern is not sound leaking out or in the room. Also, you'll probably do a lot of things in the room that will reduce HF reflections, but what is hard to remove are low-frequency reverberations (and standing waves or room modes). A general rule: to capture low frequencies, you need width and mass. The cheap egg-carton looking foam pieces you can buy online do basically nothing with rooms like this, as your main problem isnt sound over 5kHz, but it's under 1kHz. So your best bet is to consult an audio professional, or educate yourself on acoustics but it's a huge rabbit hole. Just don't buy some foam and put it on the wall. Please. IMO a dark sounding reverberant room is worse than a bright sounding one.

    --an audio guy
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    dogwitch reacted to LAwLz in DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11!   
    Since I was tagged in this thread I decided to watch the video and spotted a minor error.
    At 3:10 in the video Anthony says:
    I just want to note Windows Hello does NOT use the TPM.
    It doesn't really matter and it's a nitpick, but I've seen several people on this forum say Windows Hello uses the TPM and it is simply not true. Windows Hello for Business does use the TPM, but Windows Hello (without "for business") does not.
    It's a big fuss now because the minimum requirements didn't really matter before, but they do now.
    Windows 10 minimum requirements: 1GHz or faster processor. 1GB of RAM and 16GB of HDD space. 
    In other words, basically all computers could run it unless it was over 15 years old. Besides, Microsoft even allowed you to install it even if you did not meet the system requirements.
    Windows 11 minimum requirements: An 8th gen Intel or Zen+ processor. 4GB of RAM. 64GB of storage. TPM 2.0.
    Basically, all computers that are older than 4 years will not work. Microsoft has indicated that you will not even be able to install it on anything older than 4 years. Even if your computer is newer than 4 years, you will have to change BIOS settings to hopefully make it work.
    Minimum specifications did not matter before because it was "let's install it and see how it works". Now the minimum requirements are not only VERY strict (again, anything older than 4 years will not work) and they are actually enforced.
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    dogwitch reacted to RejZoR in DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11!   
    Then why do they make so much fuss about minimum requirements now when no one gave two F about it ever before? Has anyone ever cared what hardware they have when Windows Vista was a thing? Or Windows 7 was a thing? Or 8 and 10? No, you just grabbed a copy and installed it. So, why do they make all these cockblocks and talk about all sorts of things suddenly if they are not important? It's just so bizarre.
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    dogwitch reacted to Velcade in CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!   
    James' face says it all... Never play a game with Linus. 
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    dogwitch reacted to Lairlair in GPU works on one PC but not another   
    Did you try on other PCIe slots?
    Could windows 7 be an issue with this card? I'm guessing no because it's already stuck before launching windows yeah?
    Do you get any output from your mobo?
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    dogwitch reacted to Spotty in People MUST Buy These... - ORIGIN PC EON-17X Showcase   
    Yes, showcases are sponsored content. They call them showcases to distinguish them from reviews, for obvious reasons. They also won't provide review or opinion on a showcase, rather just show the product and often do something interesting with it to make it entertaining to watch.
    From the video description:
    Published on Jul 6, 2021 Thanks to ORIGIN PC for sponsoring today's video!
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    dogwitch reacted to IkeaGnome in The Unconventional PC - Noctua NH-P1 Passive CPU cooler   
    That's the ML08 B-H it looks like
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    dogwitch reacted to Asbo Zapruder in NVIDIA Killed Their Own Products (SPONSORED)   
    This is a pretty good example of the inclusion of the sponsor hurting the content.
    Any kind of upscalling or supersampling is much, much harder to detect when sitting 5 or more feet away from a massive screen. It's easier to detect on a monitor, even a 4k one, because you're right up close to it. Even with Youtube compression I doubt there's many watching this on a monitor who couldn't immediately tell the difference between native and DLSS. And I don't say that to diss DLSS, I LOVE it.
    Add to that the fact that DLSS is only available on high-end PCs and the vast, vast majority of people who own those don't play on 4k TVs, and the whole video is kinda pointless.
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    dogwitch reacted to jaslion in Xbox series X gets really hot   
    It'll be fine. You just got to make sure that the air intake and outlet are not obstructed and you have it in an environment where it can get fresh air.
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    dogwitch reacted to WillOfTheLand in Is a Sony PS3 Leak Now Leading To Banned Consoles?   
    "Every Sony PlayStation 3 ID out there was compromised, provoking bans of legit players on the network," Threatpost is reporting, calling it "just the latest in a shocking spike in attacks on unsuspecting gamers."

    tlhIngan (Slashdot user #30,335) shares Threatpost's report:Sony reportedly left a folder with every PS3 console ID online unsecured, and it was discovered and reported by a Spanish YouTuber with the handle "The WizWiki" in mid-April... Now, several weeks later, players on PlayStation Network message boards are complaining that they can't sign on and are receiving the error message 8071006. After enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), one player was able to sign back in without issue, according to posts on the PS3 subreddit, which includes a link to instructions on how to opt into 2FA on the PS3.

    It appears threat actors have started using the stolen PS3 console IDs for malicious purposes, causing the legitimate players to get banned... Sony has not responded to Threatpost's request for comment or confirmed a connection between the PS3 ID breach and player reports of being locked out of the platform...

    Sony is hardly the only gaming company leaking data like a sieve. A report from January found a half a million credentials stolen from the Top 25 gaming companies on caches of breached data for sale in criminal marketplaces. In June, the "Battle of the Galaxy" mobile game leaked 6 million gamer profiles, and attackers are working out how to use gaming platforms like Steam to host or deliver malware.
    Looks like sony is getting their way on killing the ps3 whether people like it or not.
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    dogwitch reacted to RedDeath_ in Looking for new XBOX 360 controller.   
    The 2nd one looks pretty legit with over 200 sold and excellent seller's rating. You get the eBay buyer protection in any case.
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    dogwitch got a reaction from soldier_ph in How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?   
    testing out new isp
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    dogwitch reacted to StDragon in Next version of Windows event... Windows 11 -> Ended   
    I think MS will extend Windows 10 EOL to 2026.
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    dogwitch reacted to Radium_Angel in Next version of Windows event... Windows 11 -> Ended   
    What's amusing is according to that link, my system doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for Windows *7*, much less anything newer (dual Xeon CPUs e5-2643 v2, meaning a total of 12c and 24t at 3.50Ghz) and yet I run Windows 8.1 Industry Embedded Pro perfectly, and several Win10 VMs (and tested Win11 in a VM) without issue.
    So who knows what that doc means...