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Help with creating Raid


There was an incredible deal on 860 evos. I got 2 1tbs for $130 each and a 500gb one.


See i currently have a 500gb 860 evo im booting windows on. I have a 1tb hard disk for all my games and media alike.


The idea was to boot of a 1tb and create a stripped array in windows with my current 500gb drive and the new one, and put the extra 1tb in another computer of mine desperate for an upgrade.


However i'm wondering if I should get more SSDs, and debating what raid array makes the most sense.


Without a raid card, would it be possible to raid 0 two SSDs and then Raid 1 the Raid 0 and the tb hard disk to help with the reliability of raid 0? Or do I need another 1tb HDD so I have four disks? I really have no idea so i'm all ears. Should I get a raid card? Is it worth booting windows 10 on a stripped SSD raid?


Also, my workload for the drives includes a few games, my music production files (All syncing with the cloud), and a cache to hold and edit media with adobe off of before I send them to cloud and delete them locally.

Computers r fun

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You normally don't raid the os drive, all disks in an array should be identical or the array will use the capacity of the drive with the lowest capacity.

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