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Disconnecting during games


So recently I built a computer and thankfully it booted up on the first go. Too easy, I know. So after setting everything up and booted up my first game I was ecstatic that I had yet to run into a problem. That was until about 5 minutes into my first game, where I was left disconnected and confused. I just assumed "something went wrong." After multiple other attempts at playing the game I never was able to see a whole match through as roughly 5 minutes in I get disconnected. Thinking to myself that game was trash I decided to switch over to another game where I ran into the same problem, 5 minutes of play followed by a disconnection. The weird part is I do not lose connection to the internet as I check immediately after being disconnected and I'm still on. There is no packet loss leading up to the disconnection, I've ipconfig'd the hell out of command prompt, uninstalled/reinstalled drivers like a mad man, checked my Ethernet line for damage, switched around ports on the router, reset router and modem alike all to no avail. *pulls hair out*


I'm running a I5-8400 on a MSI Z370 A-PRO MOBO


Any help would be like totally cool!

Thanks! :D

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