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Python - Can someone explain this function to me?


Hi all, using Tkinter and started using Treeview from the ttk module in order to create a table. I searched for a function to sort columns in a Tv table, and got this:

def sort_column(a, col, reverse): # https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22032152/python-ttk-treeview-sort-numbers/46712710
        l = [(a.set(k, col), k) for k in a.get_children('')]
        l.sort(key = lambda t: float(t[0].strip("%")), reverse=reverse)

        for index, (val, k) in enumerate(l):
            a.move(k, '', index)

        a.heading(col, command = lambda: sort_column(a, col, not reverse))


This is a slightly adapted version so it would work with %'s, but other than that it's the same. Could someone please talk me through what's going on? I understand the individual lines(ish) but struggle to understand it as a whole.


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You just wanna know what it does?

Well, it does this. As you can see, it sort the data(which is integers in this case) in a table column by their numerical values. 


The GUI API this coder is using is TKinders. If you wish to know more specific details about the APIs, just read up it's documentation. 



Sudo make me a sandwich 

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