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Two Gpu's utilization - please help

Michal Zywert

HI; i  i ve got problem to solve , nowhere else to ask , becouse toms hardware not responding , youtube and webs hard to find also etc.
I am trying to have such a scenario : i ve got 2 x gpu's same gpus Quadro K2200 4gb vram (without sli) , also i ve got gtx gpus , but i thik this topic applies to all of us  , and wat i have seen most software is utilized by only 1 gpu , let say 1st gpu closer to cpu i mean pci-e slot . 
So i need to separate tasks , i need web browser(chrome, or mozilla) yutube and other multimedia stuff to be used on 1st gpu , becouse internet multimedia it takes quite a lot gpu vram these days .
And 2nd gpu i will need to let say for work  or for games . Why i cannot lets say play games using gpu of my choice , or eaven run 2 games under 1 pc on 2 separate gpus same gpu brands and model . 
So i cannot find solution over the web , and nvidia control panel doesnt look like it has browser menagment , also chrome or mozilla i cannot find anytling like that so specific about gpu,
I ve been trying nvidia control panel or enable/disabel hardware acceleration in chrome , nothing helps .
I dont know why os is so "stupid" and put evrything on 1st gpu , while another gpu most of the time doesnt do anything , please help , i will very appreciate response from you .
Thank you in Advance . - Mike
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Try running separate monitor off the gpu you want to game on and have your other monitor as your main monitor on first gpu.

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