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RX 460 driver issues/Crimson software not starting up


Hey everyone,

I've had a Gigabyte RX 460 OC 2GB for about a year now. I think about a week or two ago I went to download a driver, but I stopped the process halfway through. It wasn't like I closed out the whole window, I just pressed the stop installation button at the bottom, and it said the drivers were partially installed.

5 days ago, I got a notification that there were new drivers available for the card. I went to my search menu to search up AMD Radeon, and the shortcut for the software came up, but when I clicked on it, a notification popped up that said:

"Missing Shortcut. Windows is searching for RadeonSettings.exe. To locate the file yourself, click Browse."

From here, I tried to open it up a few times but the same thing happened. Then, I went to Device Manager, and it said the card was working fine, so I went to the driver tab and rolled back the drivers. I did that, and I looked for the software again. The same error popped up. Then, I tried to install the drivers again through Device Manager. After I did that, when looking for the Radeon software, the same message popped up. 

I went to the Gigabyte website after that to download the drivers, and it seemed like it would work until it gave me a message that the drivers were only partially installed. I didn't even cancel the process that time.

The graphics card definitely works in games, and I don't think there's been any performance decrease, but this kind of worries me. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?



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