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Weird restarts and freezes


So I've been getting alot of weird restarts for about a week now. Suddenly the screen just goes black and it restarts. Often I get a beep (the uh-oh, something went wrong-beeps). It differs but mostly It's one long and two short, indicating a video adapter error. It also sometimes just randomly freezes, and if I wait long enough (up to 1-2min) it restarts.

My pc is a prebuilt (fujitsu m470-2) with some addons.



Cpu: xeon x5570

Mobo: fujitsu siemens d2278

Ram: samsung generic 12gb ddr3 1333mhz ecc

Gpu: Asus strix gtx 970 OC

Psu: corsair tx650 OR generic fujitsu 700w

Storage: kingston A400 120gb ssd

Hdd: wd blue 500gb

Windows build 1803


What I've already tried:

-Testing my gpu in a friend's pc (worked error-free)

-reinstalling windows

-switching the fujitsu psu to a corsair tx650

-changing my ram to kingston 2x2gb non-ecc 1066mhz (both ecc and non-ecc are supported by my motherboard)

None of it worked. Can anyone give some advice?

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