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PC stability test

I want to know the best tools to do a stress test for my system, I want to get BSOD during that instead of playing games. My PC should slow down during heavy gaming not crash to BSOD right? well I never lived that in my system haha when it is hot it crash. However, I updated the bios of my motherboard and I don't want to play the same games just for testing.


what are the best tools for stress testing? I tried prime95 and made it run for almost 3 minutes, the system didn't crash.

how long should I run them?

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1 minute ago, Mohammed2935 said:

how many minutes?

When stress testing I simulate the amount of time I typically game, so 1 hour durations on my stress tests to ensure everything is doing what its rated to do for an extended period.

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When testing CPU stability I like to use Blender, which is what LTT uses nowadays I believe. If it passes the Barcelona Pavilion I consider it good enough.

Der8auer uses Prime95 for an hour but with custom settings for FFT size, with a different one for every CPU platform.


For GPU I use Heaven, for at least 15 minutes. Then I run Firestrike and TimeSpy. That let's me know the performance gains I got and also simulates a fairly realistic workload IMO.

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