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Liquid Cooling Build


Good Day,


I'm an Architect/Designer in training, and I use a lot of 3D modeling software and rendering engines which certainly get my current laptop to high temperature and I already know its taxing my computer a lot. I'm looking for a site that could build me a closed loop cooling system for a brand new desktop. So something that would cool my ram, video card, cpu etc. My specs required would be that it had SSD, 32 GB ram , a graphic card with 8 GB etc. Thanks for the help .

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This is a Huge undertaking.   Awesome nonetheless.   Do you intend to buy everything brand new?


The hardest part about what you want is not that it isn't possible, but its compatible hardware, water-blocks, fittings and then a matter of piping it all together,


if you are going all brand new the hardest part would be the GPU/mobo chipset/vrm.  the other parts are quite easy to find harder if to try to keep every thing 'looking' similar.

depending on the type of ssd 2.5 and m.2 blocks /coldplates exist afaik.   Ram kits are easy to find but expensive to use,   (most certainly voids its life time warranty to replace with WC compatible heatsinks)


some-one out there probably exists to build you your dream water system, but it would still require maintenance,  and likely cost in the 5000$ range to go all new, slightly modded custom loop. on the low scale of estimation.


first build your theory system , then see if you can get the water blocks needed) and keep searching till you find a combo that works and your on track to seeing if you can build your system or not.


WC block manufactures stop production after awhile for some products so its not always easy to just get new parts.

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