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GTX 680 not working after swapping it with my Gt 640

Hello LinusTechTips community, 


i have a problem with my Gainward GTX 680. I have a Windows 10 pc with a 550w power supply and a GeForce Gt 640 which I wanted to swap. So I deinstalled all graphics drivers, deactivated the intern graphics drivers and swapped the graphics card. 


But now there is this problem:

My pc starts and the fan of the GTX 680 is spinning but there is no output from it. 

The hdmi port is broken but I use the dvi one. My friend said it's working in his pc and if I swap back to my old one everything works again. Right now I'm reseting my whole computer and hoping it was just the fault of a driver. 

(I also searched for the integrated graphics settings in my Uefi but I can't find any "advanced" settings)


I would appreciate any help. 

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