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Extreme Desk PC

So, this is a build that me and my friend did about two years ago, but he never really got any attention for it, so I thought you guys might be able to give it some love.  Sneak peek, then the build.



We started off by instead of taking a desk and converting it we simply built our own to our own specs.


As we went we constantly checked sizing and fittings to make sure it was going to work.





We cut holes in the back to fit our i/o's exactly as well as our drain ports.



assuring the sizing and fitting for the rads and fans was one of the hardest parts.


But in the end we glued magnets to the fans so they could easily be set on and taken off.


assured the fan controller could actually handle all the fans we wanted to use.


The Fans were also set up in such a way that every fan pulled from the right and pushed out the left so we had no problem with air flow.



We spray painted the parts of the hardware that didn't match as this was going to be kind of a black and silver build with purple accents.


Made sure the mount we made on the desk could handle the weight of our monitor setup.


a lot of custom mounts needed to me made for reservoirs and mobo and such.9143201815726123015.jpg.7ebe8dfe10abe2221ebbec4fe62b925f.jpg

next came the staining and lacquer job, and boy, this thing put off a strong scent for maybe 3 weeks after it was already dry... But it looked great.



We got excited when it lit up for the first time.


Next was cabling.  We didn't want to order custom wires as it would have cost 200 - 300 dollars, so we got the bright idea, lets just cut them and solder them all ourselves with longer, purple wire.  That process alone took maybe 4 hours.


We did use a light dye to have a light purple colored fluid, but the rgb (Which could do any color as you can see) ended up just kind of overpowering it.  Kind of nice though as you can make it pretty much your own.  Ya, I think it ended up pretty good, but what do you guys think?



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Oh, ya, specs.  It has a 1080 graphics card, an i7 4790k, has a couple ssds, I think two 120 and a 500 gb, and a 1000? watt power supply.  (Either 1000 or 1200).

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1 minute ago, DukeEDumper said:

VID_20170308_011803390.thumb.jpg.ecef01b247194a05a54813fa9aa27b0e.jpgvideo in the dark of it breathing. Oh, can't post videos...


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