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  1. i would avoid any soldered hard drive computer regardless of if its from apple or not. Drives are the most likely thing to fail. The hell is the point of soldering a drive vs soldering a sata interface the extra 3mm's of thin-ness? It makes zero sense unless you are trying to force people to replace the whole thing when it inevitably fails.
  2. Been running first gen epyc for over 2 years. vsphere. Its rock stable on the supermicro platform.
  3. ahem linus... *pushes glasses up* isildurs bain is the one ring. I believe you were thinking of "The shards of Narsil". You're welcome.
  4. just make sure to use a GPU with a back plate. the old school nakid PCB video cards will tear you several new ones... or at least go fan side up.
  5. 120x4 would be fine. So a pair of 240's or a 360 + 240 would be lots. if you can fit 140mm in your case go for that. or go full-r-tar like me and get a 1260 rad.
  6. lay it flat. run it, stand it up. run it. bubbles should move around till they make their way to the rez.
  7. thats one of those cheap 20 dollar chinese pumps too. I think i still have mine kicking around somewhere. noisy, but worked for two years without issue. what a wierd set of fittings too.
  8. You dont NEED a standard rez. you can always go old school and y or T a chunk of line at the high point and mount it to the top of the case with a plug. back in the day i just folded over my extra line with a zip tie. the "refill tube" holds enough fluid to act as an ad-hoc rez.
  9. ive got my block for my 5700xt running in reverse flow. works fine.
  10. 120mm hole saw. your side panel, a cheap 5 dollar fan grill, and a cheap 120mm fan blowing on it. be gentle if you have a plastic side panel. cant do it if its glass (obviously) just like the old days!
  11. you'd be better off leaving the sealed box at 1 bar, but removing ALL humidity from it somehow. no moisture in the air = no condensation. pipe in a dehumidifyer and set to maximum powah!
  12. cant wait to see it stretch its legs under that EK waterblock kit.
  13. its always made sense to watercool all the things. mostly for silence, a bit for e-peen. ive had rx480, vega64, and 5700xt blocks, recently.