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Graphics problem in MacOS but not in Windows on MacBook Pro



I got a MacBook that don't work with MacOS. If i start the computer with MacOS it can take 0 seconds to a few hours and the screen will be filled with colors like the graphics card is giving up. If i plug the computer to  my tv it will show the picture as it should be and the screen on my Mac goes back to normal but as soon as I unplug the tv the screen on the mac goes back to show all the colors of the rainbow, making it unusable.

I installed Windows on the computer so it will boot Wondows instead of MacOS and it works great but it would be nice to have a usable MacOS on it. I tried to clear PRAM but it didn't help and I have tried to format the computer and reinstall MacOS but the problem doesn't go away.

Does anyone know how to fix it? :)


The computer is a MacBook PRO, either early or late 2015 with retina display.

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