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Is my GPU Dead?


About a week ago, my graphics card started playing up. One out of three fans was spinning slowly and then the other 2 fans would go from 25% to 100% when I launched a game. Temps were fine, never reaching above 78c and maintaining overclock at 1450mhz (980 ti). So I took 2 140mm fans and glued them together and re-applied thermal paste to my gpu and new thermal pads on all the VRMs and stuck it together. I then proceeded to have a working graphics card with temps never exceeding above 74c until today. I launched Overwatch to play with a friend and as soon as I join a game my screen had artifacts everywhere (Im not using an overclock profile anymore either). Is it possible that its the operating system? because I can see my BIOS and startup but when it launches Windows my computer crashes and shows artifacts. So Im using Intel HD graphics as of now and I'm looking at the programs and I've noticed that there's only a PhysX driver there and no nvidia driver? :( I'm bamboozled at the moment , can anyone shed some light? Thanks

my luck.PNG

Sennheiser HD600 Logitech G304 White Anne Pro 2 LG27UL500

Ryzen 5 3600 + MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC in Fractal Design Nano S






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