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  1. I think the NZXT H210 and the Fractal Nano S are the best value for ITX. They are basically mini towers unlike a lot of expensive small litre ITX cases. You can fit a 2 slot gpu in both of them, but the NZXT has the PSU shroud so thermals would be better for the gpu unless its a blower card but then it would be louder. I'm certain that you can fit in the NH-D15 in both of them, but I would go for a single tower like the U14S because I would not overclock and 1 fan is better for noise and the U14S is surprisingly very close to the NHD15 in thermals even with 1 fan. Downside is that it would not
  2. Still watching the video, but I wanted to see what others said, as I was not expecting this. Been watching Linus Content since 2012 or 2011... I ventured into Tech a lot because of him. He always made the reviews very interesting, and I could tell from the beginning this guy had passion for what he did. I bought a lot of things because of Linus. The most memorable one probably being the Ducky Shine 3 with Cherry Blues when mechanical keyboards were becoming mainstream, and that was 7 years ago. Linus influenced me to build my first rig in 2012 when I was 12 turning 13. I
  3. HD 600 is closer to a neutral sound. It doesn't have as much bass as the 650, but the high frequencies are not as rolled off or 'veiled' as the 650. Typically, the 650 is a bit more expensive than the 600, so its usually concluded that the 600 is a better purchase. Also considering that you have headphones that are already bass heavy, I would opt for the 600 sound. The 650s have a wider soundstage and would be better suited for gaming. They both sound very smooth and can sound boring. although the 650 is slightly more coloured, it can be more interesting than the 600. Neither are wrong, it dep
  4. Jz1

    New headphones

    DT 990 is a V shaped headphone, they have a good low end (bass) for an open back, and they also have a lot of energetic treble that some people find too bright. If you listen to a lot of vocals I would stay away from the DT 990, because it has recessed mids. Soundstage is also wide and positional audio is decent. They come in 3 different versions. 32, 250 and 600 ohm. The higher the ohm, the more difficult to drive. (600 ohm and an iPod wouldn't mix) With the higher ohm versions, I believe the bass transitions to a more tighter and deeper impact, whilst the treble gets smoothe
  5. The imaging and soundstage of the AD700X is practically the same as the AD900X, the only difference is the bass. If you like more bass, then get the 900 without a question. The biggest difference between those two headphones is that the AD is open and the M50X is closed. The AD is light on bass and can sound airy, and doesn't isolate as well as the M50X which is known for its V Shape sound signature and punchy bass. All though providing a good seal and isolating well, the M50x can be a very harsh and irritating headphone to wear for longer than 40 minutes due to its brightness and
  6. AD-700X wouldn't benefit from an amp in terms of sound quality because it is not difficult to drive, so you wouldn't notice a difference from your motherboards built in audio. If you play at loud volumes, then take a look at the Schiit line of amplifiers, they can really make a difference for gaming. If you're going to purchase a headphone from the AD line for gaming and also entertainment as you mentioned, then I would definitely look at the AD-900X and perhaps even AD-1000x if you can stretch your budget. And those also do not require amps.
  7. Hi, I purchased the iFi Micro iDSD BL for $850 AUD and I have it connected to my laptop via USB. I cannot seem to tell the difference in audio quality compared to connecting directly to my MacBook Pro 15 2018. I have tried all 3 different power modes. I have been using TIDAL to stream on MASTER sound quality with MQA and I still cannot tell the difference. With that being said, I also would like to mention that I use the HD6XX which benefits and scales with a good AMP/DAC. Upon reading the manual and visiting FAQ from iFi Audio, no drivers are required for macOS. I'm not sure what else I can t
  8. I used a 2020 usb for a year with an arm and it sounded pretty good up close however it always picked up quite a bit of background noise such as hitting the desk, or tapping something etc and it would pick it up. My friend had a 2035 with a cheap XLR and it sounded a lot better for voice over type work compared to the at2020 which seems better for instruments. My 0.02 cents.
  9. I remember buying the console version of GTA V and practically waited since trailer day, bare in mind that was from 2011. Speed up to 2013 September, I'm sitting there playing a game in 30 frames with a massive amount of jaggy lines, and it ruined the experience for me. RDR2 will be the same console experience, but a much better game, imho gta v was a trash installment to the line. GTA SA was a much enjoyable experience, even on console. But yeah we'll be waiting atleast half a year and thats the minimum. From what I remember, GTA V released on the PS3 and 360 September 2013, and then 1 year l
  10. The 6700K and Z170 along with the ram you have is still relative in todays age for gaming. Best bet is before the new 7nm Ryzen chips come out, sell the current setup you have and combine that with your savings and you can get something like a Ryzen 3700 (8 cores). I wouldn't really purchase anything now knowing that the next line of AMD and Intel cpus will be 7nm and 10nm.
  11. Hi, I have a couple of links that might clear this up for you. https://youtu.be/Xjor24HO2HA?t=196 https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/wqbb1Oa2qHaKclIE.huge (the yellow squares are 64 gb each (128gb) total) With everything being soldered on now, I find it difficult to assume you can upgrade the SSD.
  12. Look at it this way Ryzen 5 1600 Thermal Design Power 65 watts. Ryzen chips are soldered. The NH-D15 would be overkill, if you still want something from Noctua then get the NH-U12S-SE AM4.
  13. If you were thinking about upgrading only your CPU then you could get the 3770k which then you can overclock but that also means you would need a Z77 motherboard and a higher TDP cooling unit. If I were you I would wait out with the new refresh of Coffee Lake S (9000 series) or until Zen 2. The i7 3770 although showing its age now is still a 4 core 8 thread CPU that turbos to 3.9 ghz. It should be a do-able pairing with the 1070, granted the game isn't as CPU taxing like the ARMA series you mentioned.
  14. About a week ago, my graphics card started playing up. One out of three fans was spinning slowly and then the other 2 fans would go from 25% to 100% when I launched a game. Temps were fine, never reaching above 78c and maintaining overclock at 1450mhz (980 ti). So I took 2 140mm fans and glued them together and re-applied thermal paste to my gpu and new thermal pads on all the VRMs and stuck it together. I then proceeded to have a working graphics card with temps never exceeding above 74c until today. I launched Overwatch to play with a friend and as soon as I join a game my screen had artifac
  15. Hi, the PCB looks the exact same as the reference 980 ti from my perspective so wouldnt the silver titan cooler work? Thanks