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PC won't boot into windows



So my pc won't boot into windows. It gets to the windows loading screen (has the bios logo though, which is normal) then goes blank and I get no output to my monitor.

It has been having an error on boot up, something with some dll files but that's been doing it for a month now.

Whenever I played GTA V and 5 minutes into the game it would black screen and no input. Sometimes it would restart windows and be up and running fine again. I'm not sure if it is game specific but I've only been playing GTA recently so can't say.

  • I've tried to remove the GPU and boot with the onboard graphics with no luck.
  • I also removed the ram, used 1 stick and checked all slots, no luck again.
  • I then tried the windows repair stuff and nothing, used ddu and finally reinstalled windows.
  • It got through the installation of windows fine. Booted up fine. Was about to install some apps and it black screened, no input. Now I can't get back into windows. (1 stick of ram installed and no gpu)

It seems to be a hardware issue at this point I'm assuming, what could it be?

I don't have any other hardware to test with.

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