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Unusual Performance fluctuations.


So in Ets2 and ATS i have recently taken a performance hit. for what reason i don't know but after some troubleshooting and sitting in game for a while i noticed something unusual. sitting still or moving the gpu goes from rather poor performance to about what it was before all while remaining at 100% utilisation but the power goes from about 40% to 60% and there is an audible change before this occurs. the load is at 100% on the gpu and the cpu has lots of headroom

temps are fine.

just wondering why the gpu is fluctuating between these two states of performance and power whilst remaining at 100% load.

i also cant figure out what causes the change as sitting still causes it sometimes in ets2 but in ats it happens on the move and occasionally 

csgo has also taken a performance hit but i haven't noticed the same performance pickup and power change as in the other games.

fresh windows, new drivers 

i5 4460

msi z97 gaming 3

gigabyte gtx 960 4g

evga 500W psu

adata ssd

8gb hyperx ram

Thanks for your help


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I haven't noticed this at all when playing ETS2

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