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Facetime Problems

So i just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+, im coming from an iPhone 6 that is all paired with my macbook to be able to do everything on both from answer calls to sending texts, to doing facetime.


Now that i dont have this iphone serviced by verizon anymore, im running into issues with facetime on both my iphone and macbook. Im running the latest full build of ios and Mac os, so there shouldnt be a problem, right? I have removed the old sim from the iphone, restarted both devices several times, and i can make outgoing calls with facetime, but they just say whoever isnt available after so many rings, and i can recieve calls, like everything rings, but when i try to answer them, they just say connecting, and eventually failed to connect.


What can i do to fix this?

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I think Facetime is linked to your mobile phone number, so if the iPhone doesn't have a sim card and that number is in your new Samsung Galaxy S9+ you'll run into issues with Facetime.


Go into Settings>Facetime and that you can see what the situation is.

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