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  1. I literally asked him what websites and how he could know. He just wrote "I just use google" Well yea it's a obvious bluff hahah, thanks for the help
  2. I don't really see how he planted malware. Never talked to him before, neither did I click anything. We are though subscribed to each other, and we did kinda write at the same time since I told my friend to look at this guy and we both commented. I don't know if he is some expert mad hacker, but I don't really see how someone could find out all this information. I guess it's a bluff?
  3. So I was talking to this guy in the YouTube comments with my friend and we tried to proof him wrong in a subject, but all of a sudden he wrote this. "Can you can not just tell a little about Arsenal? I notice that you have the same hobby and visit the same international sites. (it's silly online to try to bluff a computer expert, boy)" Which seemed kinda scary, because we're both fans of this football club "Arsenal" while we also use some of the same websites to talk football on like Reddit and Twitter etc. Can you actually find someones search history through YouTube,
  4. Hello. I don't know why, but everytime I start my desktop it shuts down again just after 3 seconds. What could be the cause for that? It started to happen yesterday. The desktop is about 1 year old. It's a prebuilt Acer Nitro. Specs: Intel® Core™ i5-10400F processor Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super GPU 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB SSD The PSU is 500 watts, since it's a prebuilt, it doesn't say more than 500 watts. video-1614249461.mp4
  5. No but it goes from 20 to 60 which makes it lag as in the game stops. Id rather play on 60 ping than this happening consistently
  6. So I play a few games like CSGO and Rocket League. I don't know why exactly but everytime I play my ping goes from 20 to 60 in just 2-3 seconds and I start lagging around. I just took a speedtest and this is the results. Download: 209.49 Upload: 129.36 Ping: 8.88 Jitter: 1 It should be pretty stable right? So does anyone have an idea of what goes wrong? I play on WiFi.
  7. I just did a scan with malwarebytes and it found nothing, so I should probably be safe right? (The scan was only about 2 minutes tho, is that a full scan?)
  8. So I went into this website, which had captcha protection (Captchatopsource) I was suspicious since it was a forum, so I blocked the captcha from being able to show notifs about 10 times until I gave up and closed the page. I read somewhere that it was something called adware and I needed to remove it. I removed it from notifications in Google Chrome settings which I was surprised it was there because I did click "block". I then installed Avast free Antivirus and scanned it. Avast said that my pc was clean in every department. - So my question is can anything else have happened th