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Building a pc

I have a list of build that I was planning could you guys check if the compatibility is okey it will help me alot.


I just need help at these parts


I'm building a semi budget build that will look good with good gaming performance


I'm from the phillipines btw


Case: Rakk Hawani Mid tower 

Mobo: Msi h110m pro d motherboard Socket 1151 Pcie Ddr4 

Gpu: Pentium g4560

Ram: 8gb ram ( I still don't know what to buy because I dont get the mhz part of a ram and which is better)

Gpu: A gtx 1050 ti 


   So can you guys help me suggest a micro atx mobo that can support the pentium g4560 and has many fan sockets cause im putting 6 fans in my rig, what about the rams what brand should I choose? And lastly can you guys suggest a good looking gpu gtx 1050 ti thats not too costy with dual fans and compatible with the mother board.


Last question what is ddr5? the ddr thing in every gpu description does it affect the compatibility of the gpu to the motherboard?


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You can go on the website for the CPU and check the maximum supported mhz on ram, but in most cases 1600mhz is standard. For a budget build you don't need any more than that.

as for motherboard recommendations i don't have a lot of experience, but you can filter out things you want on most websites otherwise just google some features you'd like it to have to see which boards have them.

GPU just pick the one you think looks coolest for the best price, isn't really that big difference between the different manufacturers unless you get a water cooled one.

and finally for the DDR is the type of memory you have (ram) DDR4, DDR5 for example, just check so it works with your motherboard. It's the same for graphics cards but it's called GDDR5 for example. GPU should work with any modern motherboard

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