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  1. Yes, it stays there. PC works fine. Have never reset CMOS or BIOS.
  2. It sounds like my CPU fan is getting stuck on 100% during the boot sequence. When this happens, however, it seems "worse" than if the fan is really working hard under normal circumstances. Mainly, there is an intense amount of sympathetic vibration that really rattles the case. This only happens sometimes, however. Yesterday it happened 3 times in a row, requiring manual shutdowns each time but worked on the 4th boot. Admittedly, it is a fairly cheap motherboard - an AsRock B450 HDV. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this?
  3. If you're on this forum, you know you have nothing better to do, so put that nerd knowledge to use and recommend some games for my incredibly successful, alpha ass. My time is much too valuable to be spent looking up reviews trying to find a game in the one hour of free time I have in between shaking hands for international conglomerates, but this will give you weebs something to think about in between fap sessions, so you're welcome. Games I like: - Stardew Valley/Graveyard Keeper - I want something like this. Farm sim or at least heavy farming element. Satisfying sens
  4. Ryzen 5 1600 AF 16GB 3200 CL16 GTX 960 2GB (I know, I fried my 580) Problem seems to be a little better now. I'm still tinkering with it. I asked around on CS:GO and another player said the same thing happened to him.
  5. So this happens when you are connecting to an online game. It happens in both CS:GO and SFV. Sometimes it takes so long to load that it times out or the host rejects you. I thought this was due to a RAM issue, as I was only running a single stick of 8GB at the time, and the hard drive light was on constantly while it was loading. (SATA SSD) Well, I just threw in another 8GB stick in dual channel and the problem persists. Is there something wrong with my SSD? Windows seems to boot pretty quickly and whatnot. Once a map has been loaded for the first time, which takes forever, it see
  6. Re-installed opera, checked zoom, doesn't do it with other browsers. Wasn't doing this a few minutes ago. Isn't doing it with Twitch. Fix?
  7. I'm leaning towards the Vega 56 but have heard of issues with the drivers, thermals, and power draw. I've heard good things about it too, though. Anyone have any experience with these cards?
  8. I was running an RX580 8GB which was great until I spilled water on it. Now I'm using a GTX 960 2GB, which obviously doesn't cut it. I play at 2560x1080 at 60 Hz.
  9. 6 hours in now. I have yet to see ANY character development. You have the typical anime tom-boy strong-girl stereotype. (gee... I wonder if she will discover her sensitive side and have a love interest later on...) You have the "mysterious" boy with pretty eyes that all the girls love. Gameplay is good, but I've seen these characters in every anime ever.
  10. Do I need to play the other Persona games to understand it?
  11. I'm about three hours into the Tails series. So far, so good. A lot of reading though... And you can't skip it?
  12. I've got the itch for a somewhat traditional JRPG type of game. I like the classics such as Final Fantasy 4-6, Earthbound, etc. I recently played Octopath Traveler and it was perfect. Are there any other somewhat modern games that have been made in a similar style?
  13. Thank you. Why the FUCK did that not come up in page after page of google results?
  14. Is there seriously not a simple way to do this? I'm not going to take screenshots of fucking hundreds of thousands of messages.