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Questions for new rig

Hello guys,


I am curious about a few things that I am considering in my hopefully soon to be new rig.


I always was a fan of intel+nvidia and my current rig has i7 4770 (non k variant) and GTX 760 (yeah dumb me few years back, totally not balanced system, but oh well...).


But these days I am sort of starting to dislike intels policy of using shitty thermal compound under the heat spreader, I feel it's really stupid that they make really great cpus and then cheap out on something like that that delidding is a serious upgrade for the temps, unlike AMDs soldered cpus.


So I have been thinking about getting one of the higher Ryzens either a 2600x or 2700x. Mind you, I do not and most likely won't ever stream or render videos and I also do not work with any graphical software so I suppose the superior multi thread performance may be a little lost on me and I do know that intels generally have better single core performance, not to mention that they OC higher and easier, but at the same time are like twice as expensive as otherwise comparable ryzens.


As for the GPU, getting 1080ti (or perhaps wait for the new 11 series but the point still stands) seems like a no brainer and I would really like this beast. I am going for one GPU only, no way I am decking out cash for SLI/CF. But the thing is, I relatively recently bought a samsung qled 32 inch 1440p 144hz freesync and I really love it even with the 760 but I was wondering, if maybe getting Vega 64 would be a better option with this monitor in mind so I can actually use the freesync. The only thing that is stopping me from going for it outright is the fact that the Vega 64 is priced around the same as 1080ti while it's more comparable to much cheaper 1080 :/


And third thing I am curious about is this. In my new rig I will be getting completely rid of all HDDs, in the few last years I noticed trend in my using of the pc that I basically never need more than like 600-700 GB at any moment. Right now I have 256 gb ssd and over 2TB worth of hdds installed in my case and I do use slightly over 1TB total but almost half a TB I could delete right now without missing any of it. I simply have it there because I do not have any reason to delete it, but I seriously consider it a waste. So for the new build I am planning on going with one single large capacity SSD (most likely 1TB, but if I get a sale I might go for 2TB) and since I want to have as clean as possible insides of the computer, I want to get the m.2 factor one but still SATA version, I do not think that NVMe is worth it with these prices. So the question is this: I know that for NVMe boot drives you have to go a bit of extra mile to set up everything so it is a bootable drive. Does that actually only matters for the NVMe or is it actually a property of the disc being directly on the mobo, so it needs to be done with every m.2 form factor even if it is SATA one? And one more thing, I also know that around 2TB capacity, the boot drive also has to get some setup beforehand so the windows is able to boot of such a large disc, but is it a case for discs only bigger than 2TB or is the 2TB one already needing the preparations?


So that's about what I am curiously wondering about before I spend my cash. I am sure with the components in mind I cannot really go wrong, but if I shell out so much money (well for me anyway) I'd like to go for the gold.


Thanks beforehand guys.

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I understand your thoughts about Intel using raccoon spunk for their TIM. That was a small factor that made me switch to team red.


I had a 7700K before switching, and the process of delidding it to get a stable 5Ghz OC on it was honestly aggravating. I didn't know of der8auer's delid tool at the time, so I did it the old school way. Used the 7700K for a few months before selling it to a close friend for a profit, because of my proven 5Ghz OC at reasonable voltages and that it was delidded with CLU liquid metal applied. Switched to my 1700 thanks to Amazon's Prime Day sale last year, where I got it for $242. Enjoyed that CPU right up until I sold it a week ago.


But I digress...


The Ryzen 2700X is honestly a very solid CPU and is IMO a worthy alternative to Coffee Lake CPUs, provided you aren't a stickler about constantly needing extremely high framerates in games. 


I'd stick with the 1080TI quite honestly, as the Vega 64 is still inflated in price and Freesync is honestly not worth the switch IMO. Of course everyone is different, so take that as you will. Waiting on the 11 series might be a viable idea, but ideally you never want to wait for more than 4-6 months for new tech unless said new tech is considered a "nice to have" rather than a "need".


Going all SSD is a great idea. I had only SSDs in my rig and everything ran like a breeze. Windows felt much snappier, games felt much snappier, etc. Of course the only issue is that space is a bit of a premium, but meh that comes with the territory. 


To set up an NVMe drive as a bootable, all you'd really need to do is ensure you're booting as UEFI, not legacy BIOS.


If a drive that's over 2TB is formatted as MBR, then it will not have its full size addressable. But since you would be using UEFI exclusively, then Windows setup should automatically format a new volume as GPT. If you want to make sure of this for peace of mind, you can open cmd from within the Windows setup environment, type diskpart and then type list disk. Your disk should have an asterisk under the GPT column in the results.  

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