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  1. True. I thought you meant like everything except front panel usb in one thicc janky cord lmao. Sorry I am getting pretty faded atm.
  2. This, except maybe the front panel audio. Noise and crosstalk could be epic, as if it wasn't already lol.
  3. Very snug connectors, especially smaller ones that connect to the motherboard, such as USB headers, CPU EPS power, etc. When a pair of needlenose pliers weren't available, those could be a real whore to disconnect.
  4. Yes. Even the lowly GT 710 can support up to 4K iirc.
  5. I do multifactor on pretty much everything I deem important and if it's available. That includes all the email accounts I care about. I use very complex passwords with a lot of randomness in their content. I also don't share passwords whatsoever. Hence why I prefer to use password managers so I don't have to sit and try to remember which one I used when I sign into something. ? Like I said in previous post. My job deals a lot with computer and network security, and if I didn't practice proper security habits and behaviors on my own system and network, I'd better just qu
  6. I've been taking that chance for quite a few years now. I have a career revolving around IT security atm, so I am very familiar with how to secure my own system and network effectively. However these days I honestly prefer the convenience of a password manager over having to personally remember all the passwords and the permutations of passwords I use for whatever I do online, in exchange for the security of full control.
  7. I don't let anyone use my PC and I ensure its security as best as I can always. What about third party addons?
  8. Hello Firefox. Semi-related question: Does Firefox have a better password manager than Lastpass that I would be able to import my info to? I've gotten tired of that app's quirks as of late, and the Android app for it is hot garbage.
  9. No plans here. Might look at the Turing refresh GPUs if they release this summer.
  10. My cousin and my coworker, who is a really good friend, both plan on going with a 3000 series chip. My cousin doesn't have a lot of money so he was probably gonna go for a B450 board and a 3600X. Coworker has my old C6H board and he plans on getting either the 3800X or 3900X, depending on how the support is on the C6H and the gaming performance differences between the two.
  11. Yea, my 1700 could only manage 3.8Ghz with 1.4V going in. It ran very hot even with a decent cooler at the time, so during the hot summer months I'd have to dial back the overclock to 3.6-3.7Ghz, or even just run stock. Hell that 3.8Ghz overclock was only stable in games and rendering in Premiere Pro (10 minute or less video at 1080p). It only passed Cinebench if I didn't look at it wrong and refused to pass Prime95. It just was a lemon in general. At least my old C6H board and B-die RAM helped to make up for that. Now I have a 9700K that easily does 5.1Ghz with only a
  12. Wow my coworker, whom I had sold my old C6H to last year, was gonna update his BIOS tonight. Just texted him this and saved him from a brick. He's on version 1701 3502. Would it be better for him to jump to 6401, then sequentially update from that point to 7002? Or just wait for a hotfix? Edit: coworker was mistaken on version number.
  13. I wasn't really interested in the 16 core chip personally. I know it'll be a great chip but it doesn't suit my uses as much as a 12 core with possibly higher clocks would. AMD is better than Intel in their own benchmark runs. Idk what variables they may have introduced deliberately or accidentally but I'd rather wait for independent benchmarks before I agree with that claim. I got burned with the 1st gen Ryzen being hyped up to be like the second coming, only to end up with a bad overclocker which bottlenecked my 1080TI pretty badly in most of my games and took me a s