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hard dives problems


got a Samsung 1Tb i use for storage. my laptop has space for two as far as i can tell it got heat damage not sure tho there are some heat pipes near ish to it+ its really hot where i live.

it doesn't make any noises as if something is wrong if i try to power on my computer with it on it will take around 30mins or more not sure why because it has nothing to do with booting. after the windows logon screen it would just stay on a black screen approximately 30mins there. if i power on with out it inserted it boots and comes on normally.


if i plug it in through as an external using a case via usb it doesn't show up at all it powers on and spins just fine as if nothing is wrong but it doesn't work.

if i leave it to power on with in the laptop it shows up but as if its empty on drive E but if i try to enter it or do anything concerning it, it usually crashes windows explorer.

if i can get it to work one time would be fine to get important things out and screen shot everything so i can re-download later time.


can anyone help with this issue ? 


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connect it to another computer, grab files, wipe the drive


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i cant i dont have any other computer.. i dont think its a computer problem tho 

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