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Which GTX 1080TI

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TL;DR (for those who hates long posts or on a mobile phone)

Getting a new GTX 1080TI, don't known what to get. PC case is white Core P3 so white themed card is a plus. Size is important as 360mm AIO is blocking the tail of the card. Dont know much about the clock of GPUs so any help will be appreciated.


Everyone have been so helpful earlier in my other thread about what to upgrade first, I have now decided to go with a new GTX 1080TI. The question is which card to go for, I have a few things to consider when I buy a new GTX 1080TI. Any help will be appreciated! 



I use the Thermaltake Core P3 with a Thermaltake 360mm Riing AIO mounted on the right side. My current GPU is a Inno3d iChill GTX 980TI, I can not mount the card in a horizontal position on my motherboard as the Thermaltake 360mm AIO blocks the tail of the card. 



At the moment I realize the GPU display tray on the Core P3 is sagging as the GPU is really heavy but I dont think Thermaltake would be so careless as to overlook this issue when they tray is capable of SLI(?) (*though I am not sure if I didnt screw in everything correctly and my case has been confirmed by Thermaltake that its defective and a new unit is comming) 



The Core P3 that I own is the Snow edition so I would prefer white themed cards solely based on atheistic reasons and that RGB will bounce off it giving it a better look. 


Currently there are a few cards that I am considering 



1. Colorful GTX 1080TI Vulcan


This card is solely for aesthics as it goes really well with the colour scheme of my Core P3

「igame gtx1080ti vulcan」の画像検索結果


2. MSI Seahawk GTX 1080TI


The main reason why this card is on my watch list is because the card comes in pre AIOed which means I wont have to grab a Kraken G12 bracket and a new AIO. I this the cooling on this card will be fantastic as my previous cards are literally heaters hitting 70-80c temps.




3.  ASUS Strix GTX 1080TI


Since I will get the ROG Z370-E, this card's Aura sync will work perfectly with the mobo and it seems that this card is a really popular choice.

「strix 1080ti」の画像検索結果

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the iGame looks the best to me


you can always overclock your card to ~2ghz or 2.1ghz. 

Ryzen 5 3600 stock | 2x16GB C13 3200MHz (AFR) | GTX 760 (Sold the VII)| ASUS Prime X570-P | 6TB WD Gold (128MB Cache, 2017)

Samsung 850 EVO 240 GB 

138 is a good number.


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what about the seahawk, is it a gimmick or does it actually cool much better than other cards? 

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