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Bluetooth speaker with remote


Hey All,


I am looking for a cheaper bluetooth speaker that comes with a remote. Either an actual remote, or ability to connect to phone to control. Yes, I realize that when connecting via bluetooth to my phone, I can change my phone's volume - but that is not what I am looking for. 


I want a portable solution to use while traveling and in minimal setups. For example, connecting my FireTV to a monitor or TV via HDMI, and connecting the FireTV to speaker via bluetooth. I would prefer not to have to get up constantly to adjust volume when connected to devices that cannot adjust the volume themselves. 


Any reccomendations? I want to keep it under $50 and small-ish in size for throwing into a backpack. 

D3SL91 | Ethan | Gaming+Work System | NAS System | Photo: Nikon D750 + D5200

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