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Android backup to Google Drive software suggestions


I recently moved from an iPhone to the LG V30. The nightly backup to Google Drive feature LG provides in the settings works, but it doesn't seem like it has flexibility to exclude my music folder from the backup. I don't need to backup my music since that's synced from my computer, which in turned is already being backup. I don't want music to be eating up all my Google Drive storage space.


How can I exclude my music? Alternatively, any suggested third party apps that do a better job at this? I see a bunch of apps on Play and I don't know where to begin to digest what's quality or not.


I was using Apple Music but that app occasionally makes my phone unresponsive so I just synced a few playlists with MusicBee for some local tunes and bam, I'm now running into this backup issue.


EDIT: If all else fails, I could just throw money at the problem and pay $2/month for 100 GB storage on Google Drive, which could backup the entire phone storage and then some. I'm still transitioning from Apple so I'm still paying the $1/month to them for some amount of iCloud storage. But nevertheless, that does double my cloud backup bill...

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