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Help modding Fallout 3?

I'm not new to modding I'm very familiar with Skyrim modding and I've even got these specific Fallout mods working in the past although it was quite a while ago now.


I have several mods currently working in Fallout (Sprint Mod, Fellout, RH Iron Sights & MTUI) but for some reason I can't for the life of me get ANY of Gophers mods to work; Immersive HUD, Advanced Recon mods and Adjustable HUD.


I have downloaded & installed them all using Nexus Mod Manager and I even have "remnants" of them in the game - for example I have the item that opens Advanced Recon menu in my inventory although it seems to do nothing & the headgear from Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision is in Mr. Burkes house although putting it on and hitting the "N" key does nothing.


Holding down F6 doesn't bring up any menu for aHUD and my HUD is always visible and pressing the "I" key doesn't hide it..


I have UIO - User Interface Organizer installed as well like the mods suggest and it seems to be completely useless. Also I've used LOOT to sort my load order.



I have had all of these mods working in the past (bar UIO as it wasn't around then) I just want to get them working so I can focus on playing the game.


Would appreciate any help!

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