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Server grade component compatibility?


So after being partly inspired by the recent "Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM" video I've decided to give my server a much needed upgrade from basically being a mismatch of old desktop parts I just happened to have lying around at the time to something that actually contains server grade hardware.One thing I have encountered however while searching around is questionable compatibility between server grade motherboards and CPUs. I've been looking at Xeon 5440 CPUs. While looking at some datasheets for motherboards I've seen sections like this:



Now at first I see the section that says about it taking up to two 5300 sequence Xeons which would make me think that the 5440s I was looking at wouldn't work but then I see the section I highlighted saying about next gen Xeons with those specific product codes. I looked up the 5440 and under the Server/Workstation Board heading in the Compatible Products section I see this:


(amongst others)


My main question therefore, sorry for rambling, is does this mean that a pair of 5440 Xeons would be compatible with that board?




Thanks in advance and sorry if I've mucked this up in some way or another, I'm still relatively new to posting on these forums.

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