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Hosting a private VPN... help?

Hey guys i am looking to host a private VPN on my home machine, so that my girlfriend can get around her colleges monitoring and blocking of many sites and services(Skype being one of them).

I have tried just buying her a VPN (P.I.A.) but for some reason it wont connect.

Later i came across this Reddit thread witch mentioned it might have to do something with "Layer 7 filtering" and that "You are going to need to use cloaked ports". So i taught why not just host a VPN on my machine then?

After a couple of hours of googling i got stuck. If some one has experience with this, or knows of a good guide i would much appreciate it.


Both of us run windows, but i could run linux if it helps/makes it easier.


Oh and she has this app on her iPad, called Onavo Protect (a VPN app, btw i was surprised that crapple had VPN apps that worked) and it worked until recently if that is of any help.


Thanks in advance :D


Update: Sorry posted in the wrong place, link to the right place: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/235080-hosting-a-private-vpn-help/

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