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Weekly Sponsor Concerns Update - May 24, 2024

We’re back this week with another update. For now, there are only a couple things we want to address that we saw posted in the subforum.

Despite us no longer working with Volta, it looks like they’re still using our image to promote their product, as well as stating we reviewed their product despite that not being the case. We have reached out to our old contact and asked them to remove it, so all we can do now is wait. As always, we appreciate when these sorts of things are brought to our attention.


There was a post questioning the validity of Sharge’s storefront. OP was redirected to the German webshop, which triggered a bunch of red flags. While we have not been able to replicate the redirection, the translations shared are questionable at best, and absurd other times. Another user also pointed out that Threatspot flagged a few issues as well with the brand/web page. I’ll follow up with the account lead who has worked with Sharge this year and see if we can check what’s going on here.

And that’s it for this week. Since the majority of our audience is American, we hope you enjoy the long weekend, and we’ll be back next week.

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