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New PC does not boot, CPU problem ?


Hello, I finished building my first PC for gaming, but it does not boot.

Here is what's happening :

  • Regular and constant clicking sounds, every seconds approximately
  • CPU led on mother board is fashing,
  • No displays on the screen (completely black display, no video input)
  • CPU fan not spinning at all
  • The two led next to the 2x8 pin connector of my GPU are flashing too.
  • The bootable USB key that I use has a small led on it, I plugged it on the MB, and it flashes too

Here is what I have in my PC :

  • CPU = Ryzen 5 7600, stock cooler
  • GPU = RX 7800xt (XFX)
  • MB = Gygabyte B650 Eagle AX
  • SSD = NVMe Samsung 980 2TB
  • RAM = Corsair 2*16 go cl 30 6000 mHz (it is a intel XMP although)
  • PSU = MSI A750GF 80+ Gold full modular
  • NZXT H5 Flow Black case

What I tried to do:

  • Unset/reset the RAM, ensured it is put on the good emplacement (but didn't try one 1 stick)
  • Unset/reset GPU
  • Unplug/replug CPU fan + ensured that it is plugged on the CPU_fan plug
  • Start up the PC with the GPU plugged in the motherboard, but with the 2*8 pins connectors unplugged to see if the problem was the GPU

From what I've read online, it could be a faulty CPU fan, or the CPU itself ? Regarding the 2 fans on my case, they try to start up, but immediately stop on the clicking sounds.

I would appreciate any help, I am kind of panicking, wondering if I broke my CPU...

I pretty sure that I inserted it correctly (with the little triangles), but when closing the lid back on with the lever, It was kind of hard, is it usual ?


Furthermore, I was wondering if the bootable USB key has to be put on a specific port of the motherboard ?


Thanks for your help.

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This thread is on the wrong place, I think ? 🤔

If it is, how do I move it to the good place ?

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Interested to see if you managed to figure out what was wrong since it has been a few days? I figure if I put the time in to read it, I want to know the result haha!

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