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Really weird problem with an 7900XTX.


Lets start with specs before moving to the weirdest problem I have ever faced with a computer during the last 30 years. 


5800x 3d

Msi B550 tomahawk 

64GB 3600 MT\s Kingston DDR4 ram

CM V850 SFX Gold psu

Reference 7900XTX 

and a couple of m.2 ssd. 


So, the problem, 


Whenever I do a gpu driver update (always clean install with ddu) the pc crashes ONLY ONCE after the update has been installed and only when it is left alone at idle. After this one crash it never crashes again and works perfectly fine 24/7 without any problems whatsoever until the next driver update. 

The crash is also weird by itself. The pc simply shuts downs like the power is cut and does not turn on again unless I hit the psu switch. 

The gpu is not overclocked and passes any kind of stress tests or long gaming sessions I hit it with. 


Any idea about what is going on?


Thank you!

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