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Really need with my PC

Xin Long

Hey everybody, so I changed my motherboard, from the MSI B450-A Pro Max to the ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wifi II.


I connected everything and it started pretty good. Installed my new M.2 SSD, but then after i restarted the Pc, i got different error codes: 0xc0000428, 0xc0000221, and 0xc0000225.

As i fought with that, I couldn’t login anymore via Pin and can’t create a new Pin.



Windows 11

Ryzen 7 3700x

Gtx 1660 Super

500gb wd blue sad

1tb 980 pro

32gb aegis 3200mhz ddr4


I hope someone can help me!


Thanks in advance


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After switching an important component like the motherboard, it is highly recommended to erase your boot drive and start with a fresh Windows install.

What happened is Microsoft detected that your boot drive was no longer in the same computer and then locked it so the "thieves" would not be able to boot on it and steal your precious data....

If you have important data on that drive, you can always install it as a secondary drive or in an external enclosure.

If you were using a fresh Windows install, just wipe it out and try installing offline so that you don't need to connect to a microsoft account.

As for the BSODs, if after installing a fresh Windows you still experience them you'll have some hardware troubleshooting to do. Check that all your cables are secure, reseat your RAM, etc.

Good luck !

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