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Audio Echo During Stream


So I have recently gotten my hands on a GoXLR. After I got it set up, I had to do set it up so that I can hear videos and games through my Razer Nari Essential (plugging an aux from the GoXLR's headphone jack to the line-in on the computer).


I did a test stream to ensure that my voice is coming through clearly (as well as not having other people's coughs and conversations picked up from far away), but whenever I would speak into the mic, or play a clip from YouTube, my stream would play it normally and then there would echo again. (Here's one of the test streams I did where the problem occurs).

The Mixer tab has each channel set to "Mute All". If there's anything else I needed to add, please let me know.

Compressor and De-Esser.png

Gate and Equalizer.png


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