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iPhone health app song?

Someone in a community facebook group asked after a song from the iPhone health app.. I can't find any info on this, but figured I'd go looking for info for them:
"Funny, funny request- Does anyone have access to the apple iPhone 7 or 8 (I think) that has the health app that sang the song about being healthy. It had a heart graphic and the woman with a British accent sang about “…if you eat a little healthier, you’ll sleep a little longer…if you move just a bit more, you’ll feel a little better…” I clearly didn’t remember how it goes and I would love to have access again. I’ve done some internet searches to no avail. I would LOVE it if anyone knows someone who still has access to this! TIA!!!"
Anyone have an idea about this?
(hmm doesn't seem like Horst has a tagable account here 😞 )

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