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Cloud Free Smart Bulb Recommendations?


I have several Feit smart bulbs. I like that I can program color and intensity and setup complex schedules; but the app is garbage, pairing through the network rather than directly is a pain, and I don't need or want any of the cloud features.


Any recommendations for smart bulbs with the following characteristics:


1600 Lumen Max Output

Numerical RGB color control (enter actual values, rather than pick on color wheel)

Numerical Kelvin color control

Dimming from 0 to 100%

Programmable on/off, color, and dimming level

On board program storage

Bluetooth connectivity


My primary use case is the light in my toddlers room. It runs a nice soft white until bed time. Then switches over to red and dims to 5% output to act as a night light. If she gets sleepy ahead of the program, I can manually switch to red and dim to 5%.


Thanks in advance!

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