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How to Extend Samsung S22 Battery Life?

Two months ago my OnePlus 7T Pro's display died. Repair estimates was around 300 USD. I figured it was time for an upgrade anyway. So I got the Snapdragon variant of the base S22. I'm very happy with all aspects of the device except one: the battery life.


My typical day goes wake up > jog while listening on bluetooth earbuds > Scrolling around social media while on the way to work > More social media during downtime and on the way home > Bluetooth music while in the gym. I don't have any games on my phone and my mobile data/wifi and bluetooth are on pretty much 24/7. My old OnePlus could easily get me through the day with battery to spare while I read before going to bed, I'd charge it to full when I wake up the next day. I can barely get 4 hours of SOT with the S22. I find myself having to top up a bit after work, and then I charge it again when I wake up.


Is this the normal battery life of this particular phone? I see people on Reddit claiming over 5 and even 6 hours of SOT with the same snapdragon variant. Any tips on how I can extend the SOT?

Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9 Ghz  | Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 |  PaliT GTX 1050Ti  |  8gb Kingston HyperX Fury @ 2933 Mhz  |  Corsair CX550m  |  1 TB WD Blue HDD

Inside some old case I found lying around.


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I'm in almost the exact same case as you. 
I'm coming a OnePlus 6 and I loved that phone. still lasted me almost two days depending on what i was doing. But the phone was old and the software bugs were starting to pile up.

This is just the battery life of this particular phone. It sucks that we gotta live with it but it hasnt been that bad now that i've gotten used to it. 

One thing i do in particular is set the battery saver mode on by default and plug in before i go to bed every day, so itll charge to 85%. But half an hour before i wake up, i have a bixby routine turn off the battery saver mode so that it can charge to 100%. then 1 minute before my alarm goes off, i have it turn battery saver mode back on. This way i have 100% battery that gets me a bit more duration during the day and if i get the chance at my desk at work ill plug in for a little bit (only going to 85%). This gives me a bit more battery without hurting the battery too much for staying at 100% for too long. 

I plugged in last night and its 11:42 pm right now and i'm at 42%.

One thing to also mention is that after a month the battery life does get a bit better since it recongnizes which apps you actually use and puts the rest into deep sleep so they dont turn on.

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i get about 7-7.5 hours of SOT on my S22 according to accubattery, which i feel is about right.





biggest killer of battery life is screen brightness.


bluetooth is always on connected to my watch

wifi always on

mobile data is off unless i'm out and about and need it.


Judge the product by its own merits, not by the Company that created it.

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I have the S21 FE (Exynos 2100) and battery has been great so far, even with screen at 120Hz. I use battery protection so it never exceeds 85%. At the end of the day its between 40-50%


Probably because I'm a light user. I barely use in outdoor daylight so it never has to max out the screen brightness. Indoors I only keep wifi on. Outdoors I only keep data on. Bluetooth only when using wireless earpiece. I set the UI and apps to dark mode and have a pure black background. No games and no social media apps. I barely get text/calls and I limit the frequency of notifications from any app made for communication. Average ambient temp here is 30C with no extremes.

Awareness is key. Never enough, even in the face of futility. Speak the truth as if you may never get to say it again. This world is full of ugly. Change it they say. The only way is to reveal the ugly. To change the truth you must first acknowledge it. Never pretend it isn't there. Never bend the knee.


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