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PC Black screen/ BSOD/ Unable to game


Hello there,


historically LTT forums have been able to fix problems ive had and im having no luck on my own so im back.



RTX 2080

AMD 5900x

32gb 3200mhz ram

Gigabyte Vision b550 MOBO


The problem:


when launching games my screens will go black after a fewe seconds, audio still continues and my friends can no longer hear me on discord. The PC will then need turned off and restarted, it cant play games anymore. After this happened the first time it would take maybe 5m~ before happening again, now it happens basically immediately when i do anything demanding.


After it just happened, after turning the PC off and on 4 times, the PC then no longer posted and showed a Debug code 02. This doesn't exist in the manual but apparently means Micro Code error. I reset the bios by removing the battery, and after a few unsuccessful power ons it then did allow me to the desktop, however when i run a game it will lock up.


The PC has also occasionally BSOD, all programs running will stop responding and nothing is usable, before then BSOD with the code “whea uncorrectable error”. Which I have learned means there is a hardware error that it couldn't fix. All my temps are running fine and there is no clear obvious problems ive been able to identify, it just happened one time in a game now will not let me even do that. additionally i had done no changes to the PC, it just happened. Im also up to date on drivers.


So hopefully that describes it well enough, happy to provide any additional info that may help!




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I will add, i was able to type all of this fine without the PC breaking, it only occurs when i run games. It happens just as i load into the chair in VTOL VR, it happens but after more time on a game such as minecraft

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