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new fans

I am planning on buying 6 120mm fans for my system. I'm looking for something with 50+ cfm, addressable RGB, and, if possible, around 25dB of noise level. Is there a fan that can fit these categories at the $200- $250 price point?

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I bit the Noctua teet very hard in my latest build. I put 7 fans in a mini ITX box smh... I'm seriously considering replacing the PSU fan with a Noctua and also modifying my GPU fans. Ugh it's shocking how much quieter they are than even good fans by reputable companies. I'm totally fanboying at this point. But honestly it was convenient to have an extension and splitter with every fan.


There is no RGB but the performance and noise levels are impressive. Plus they have specific fan types for air flow, static pressure, mixed, slim, different levels of quiet, different sizes, and now they have all black versions too. And they are all consistent in design, which is kind of tough to find.

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