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Lian Li SL120 hub not monitoring curve and temps properly

I recently added 4 Lian li sl120 uni fans to my first pc build and I've noticed that in the Lian Li software my cpu temps aren't correct so i switched to mobo sync for a more accurate fan curve, but in my bios my fan hub is not showing up on any of the system fan plugins.

I've used sys_fan 3 and 1 and with my stock fans they display the rpm of the fans, but when I plug in the fan hub it doesn't show any rpm and it doesn't sound like my fans follow my fan curve. I ran cinebench and also just checked my temps periodically to see if my fans grew louder or changed the temps in any way and it doesn't seem like they do either. 

While I've obviously experienced a temp drop from my previous two fan setup it doesnt feel like they speed up to help against hotter temps. 

What should/can I do to help?


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also my build specs are: Ryzen 5600, Aorus Elite V1, Evga G1 650 Watt, Power Color RX 6600XT, and 2X8 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200mhz CL16

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