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Monitor turns off and on for 30 sec?

So recently I got a 3070 FE and a Dell S2721DGFA monitor. It had been working normally since I installed them both about a month ago but lately when I turn the monitor on it will come on, go black and then come on again. I will get a notif that a G-Sync compatible monitor has been found on the last time it comes on. 

Usually before it would just kind of turn on normally. Its also doing this when I turn some games off like Borderlands 3. When I exit the game it'll go black then come back on. 

Ive checked the DP cable is in properly and its seeming to be in tight (and the cables only like a month old). My GPU has been in for over a month and its not had any problems then. My driver is fully updated so it isnt that.  Only thing thats happened is I have installed 3 noctua fans in my pc and moved the built in case fan on my case. 

Any help would be appreciated! 

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