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Finally got TMPGEnc VMWorks7 to recognize dvd subtitle files... .idx, .sub.

(This has been so useful redoing a lot of my old shows as I've learned what not to do..."Less is more")


TMPGEnc VMWorks7 will not recognize .idx, .sub files as separate files.
It would only pull them from a dvd folder when imported.
I have a lot of video files with .idx, .sub files as they are recognized by more players that way.

I finally thought of putting all (video and sub files) in a MVK file and it WORKED!
TMPGEnc accepted them as dvd subs. So now I can burn them in...(because my LG-OLED tv will NOT read dvd subs, or CC).
It only reads "timed text" from handbrake.

Don't know what the 4K OLED tv does, but the 1991 4:3 tv shows look MUCH better then on my 4k samsung-2014 monitor!

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