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How To Turn Off Kaspersky Total?

How do you turn off kaspersky total and then have microsoft defender turned on?  When  i bought kaspersky total a wh ile bac, and turned  it on, recalled  it turned off m icrosoft defender.



But if my windows laptop is scanned and no threats with kaspersky, there is no risk turning it off temporarily and then have microsoft defender turned on so i could see if the lag and slow issues on my chrome tabs and youtube and in general is related to kaspersky?  Heard mixed reviews on if kaspersky uses ton of memory and resources.

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There's several options, you could enter task manager (search in the windows menu), click on the "More details" arrow, and locate the Kaspersky process and end the task.

If you can't find the process, try sorting by name and locating it that way. 


Or you can try go into the settings of Kaspersky and disable it from there, but I'm unsure of the menu structure and how hard they will make it for you to disable the application locally. 


Note that unless you disable it in the startup menu (Located in task manager also) the application will reenable after any reboot. 


Personally I have not used Kaspersky and have only used Norton (Which used 60% RAM at idle), but since then I have completely gone without antivirus and just stuck to watching my downloads and websites I visit. 

I suck a typing, preparw for typos.


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