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    Intel Core i5 6500
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    Asrock Fatal1ty H170 D3
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    16 GB Kingston DDR3L 1.35V
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    Crossfire Sapphire 4GB R9 380 NITRO OC
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  1. So I run a dual boot between windows and elementary os, (basically ubuntu) and it was working fine until out of nowhere, it went to the classic intramfs command line screen. So I went along and tried all the troubleshooting steps only to have it detect absolutely nothing so I couldn't fsck anything as no partitions were detected. I tried doing a reinstall (since i basically had nothing on the elementary os and i used it for pure productivity), but the installers, burned onto the usb with the correct file table (GPT) couldn't even detect the SSD in my laptop. For reference Windows boots p
  2. So, I force shut down my laptop and when I tried turning it on, the laptop entered an infinite post loop where the computer would get past the post as normal and as the windows loading icon came up the computer would freeze and restart. I tried many things such as using media creator and attempting a recovery from there. I also attempted loading a portable linux distro and trying to mount the system drive and saving my files to no success. I'm currently in the process of manually transferring my files from the SSD to my main desktop HDD as there's a m.2 slot on my desktop motherboard.
  3. That seems like quite an unusual issue. Maybe try reseating the components such as the RAM, power cables or maybe even the CPU. It could be that if it was moved around during storage that the internals may have been slightly shifted. Or maybe as @Spotty said it may be affected by the cleaning or even the lack thereof.
  4. So like @AqHu mentioned, the Panasonic range of mirrorless cameras are something you should seriously consider since those cameras offer robust video quality for a reasonable price. For now I would stay away from Canon cameras, especially the m50 in terms of video performance. That is because as much as the 4k function is advertised, the actual performance of it's supporting features are quite limited. One such example is the crop meaning that you would have to get quite a wide lens or have the camera placed a significant distance away from you to get a reasonable frame. Not to mention t
  5. That sounds an awful lot like an issue with the PSU. By shut down do you mean it just switches off or does the windows shut down screen display?
  6. Is the monitor cable plugged into the GPU display outputs? Is the GPU properly seated in the socket? Has the system booted normally prior to the installation of the GPU, such as with the previous GPU? (FX CPU's don't have onboard graphics) There is the possibility that some of the components may be dead. If you have another GPU, plug that in and then plug the monitor cable into it to see if it boots. If not then it would most likely be an issue with other components.
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  7. It looks fairly good, all appears to be compatible and seemingly balanced.
  8. My computer ran out of ram, froze and restarted, thanks adobe. (for reference I have 16gb of ram)
  9. It truly depends on your budget and use. Where if it were just for video calls, any cheap logitech or reliable offbrand webcam will do, but if you are looking to stream or record, then that's a separate area, with a consequential higher cost. An example for streaming would be the logitech C922 which comes in at around 130AUD
  10. I like that photo! Love the minimalism and balance with the subject well isolated. Looks pretty clean. Here's a few of my recent ones, feel more than welcome to critique as I am a semi-pro looking to improve.
  11. There are no commonly available or viable options to achieve a true anamorphic look via a screw on filter in front of mainstream consumer lenses. There are however anamorphic look filters which aim to imitate the flaring and bokeh of anamorphic video though none deliver true stretched image anamorphic.
  12. Some of those could work but the main concern is if the laptop wireless card is locked to HP brand laptops, which may be an issue. So theres uncertainty on whether it would work or not. However for basically the same price as the adapter you were looking at, I found a n300 wireless card guaranteed to work. https://www.amazon.de/TP-Link-TL-WN881ND-Netzwerk-Adapter-geeignet/dp/B006BSPTAQ/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1547948080&sr=8-7&keywords=pcie+wifi+card
  13. I personally install games on my SSHD since SSD space is rather premium and i dont game often enough to warrant super high speed storage. Though if your computer is only used primarily for gaming and your installed SSD has the space to spare, then install your favourite games to it. If not then hard drives aren't too slow and should work just fine for casual/irregular gaming.