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Mouse behaves differently on new pc

So I made a fresh build and the components consist of:


AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT,

RTX 3070 EVGA,

16gb ram corsair vengeance pro 3200 Mghz,

x570 Aorus elite pro motherboard,

750 watt corsair psu gold rated,

1tb ssd Samsung EVO 860

4tb Seagate hdd.


I think thats it and my old pc was a pre-built from BestBuy. It had a i5-9600F, 8gb ram(single stick), gtx 1660, 500 watt, 1224 tb(total storage). So I need to upgrade because I was having issues with my first pc(old pc)and I wanted to take gaming to the next level(pro skill level). So I upgraded and made a fresh build. But the issue here is that when I was done building my new pc. I didn't sign out out of nothing on my old pc. I just kept everything there in terms of data/files/app data. And my brother that helped me build my new PC told me to unplug the the hdmi cable coming from my old pc to my monitor. He didn't specify which cable to unplug at the time. So me being an idiot unplugged the Power supply cable while my old pc was on. He immediately yelled at me and told me to turn on my old pc to check if everything was working fine and everything looked fine. And it was so I was beginning to setup my new pc.


I downloaded windows 10 to a USB stick and bought an activation key from a cheap website. After setting up my new PC; I immediately downloaded my games to start gaming again. When I downloaded my first game I wanted to check the graphics and the frame rate. But the second I went into a match in game. I noticed a difference in my mouse sensitivity. My mouse felt slower than usual. I didn't understand why my mouse was behaving this way. Keep in mind I had my mouse software installed as well and I configured it to my liking. I had the same dpi as my old pc and I was so confused.


I looked up some fixes and similar issues as mine on Google. And it told me to reinstall mouse drivers, reinstall windows, I downloaded third party programs to optimize my hardware. I thought of every possible solution to fix my mouse. I even went into settings and turn off enhanced pointer option(It was on by default). I thought maybe it was monitor and monitor is working fine no issue, no lag, no nothing. I thought it was input lag but my mouse is at 4.17ms for input lag. It was the same before building my new pc.


So it's not my monitor, it's not my mouse. I also tried using a different mouse and a different USB port but it was the same result. I also noticed that my mouse threshold values in registry edit were different. They were set to 6 and 10. Before they were 0 and 0. I dont know if that has anything to do with my problem. This problem has started when I built my new pc. My mouse sensitivity was fine before upgrading. I also noticed that my old pc has the same issue for some reason. And at this point I don't know whats going on. But I hope anyone that has my problem has a permanent fix for this. I'm in desperate need of help.

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