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Audio Popping/Crackling Problems in Windows


Hi 🙂

Since i bought my pc in january 2021 i had this problem that in some situations, my audio seems to either "pop" or in some cases has some kind of "crackling", especially with some people on teamspeak/discord.

But the "crackling" sound doesnt happen with each audio source, only sometimes. The audio "pop" noise is repeatable for me, by just spamming the windows sound from high to low, when i try to record the sound with OBS there is no popping noise. The popping noise also happens when i spam the mute or unmute button on teamspeak.

This is my current setup:

Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Audio Interface: behringer UMC202HD


The behringer is connected to the pc via usb.


I had this issue for a while now, and it really starts to annoy me. I tried many things but cannot find a fix for this issue.

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