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    Intel Core i7 4770k
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    Edifier R1700BT | Behringer UMC 202 Sound Interface | Beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro | T.Bone SC 450
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    Windows 10

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  1. @Levent @Blokeur I did try to set the voltage of VDDP & VDDG to 900, but it didnt seem to change anything for me. But as i said before. The main point where i here the crackling & popping sounds are in Teamspeak (like spamming mute and unmute) and sometimes when someone starts talking in teamspeak (irrelevant who). I wouldnt notice anything in games or videos. But as that happens with multiple headphones, on another pc and on a different operating system im not sure anymore if it is because of the motherboard or windows or anything else. @Blokeur if you hav
  2. At this point i am really confused about audio issues in computers. The problem that i see is that its really hard to determine audio problems in computers. I have the problem on a different pc, i have the problem on windows & linux. I have the problem with a different headset/headphones. So i am really not sure anymore what is the reason for audio popping & crackling. The most obvious reason for me would be its a windows issue and linux just has a different audio problem.
  3. @Levent I also found those options but Not Sure what to Do with them
  4. Which one of These setting should i change? I can change the upper vddp to values like -0.1, - 0.2 etc. And the lower 2 i can change to manual and Insert a value. I also just got an fiio e10k olympus 2 to check if it is my behringer interface which creates the problems, but as the same problems occur with both and on windows / Arch Linux. I can probably rule out audio interface / driver / operating system as the error source. Probably need to test with other headphones if they are the problem but if not i can just guess it has to be something with the hardware in the pc.
  5. Seems like the cmos reset didnt do anything about the little cracks. Changing the volt on the settings didnt do any good (went and made VDDG and VDDP to 1, because i couldnt set them to anything lower than 1 or 0, i can only increment by 1 as it seems in the bios)
  6. Well changing that value didnt do the computer any good, now i am force to Do a cmos reset xD Maybe that fixes it though
  7. The only thing i see in the reddit thread is that there are constant sound cracking problems. But i only have them in certain scenarios. Could that still be the cpu? It doesnt change from 100% load to idle
  8. I didnt change anything with the clock speed or voltage on that board or cpu. Can there still be problems with that?
  9. Hi Guys, Some Months ago i built my new pc. Ryzen 5 5600x Gigabyte b550 aorus pro v2 RTX 3060TI 32GB 3600 DDR 4 so the problem which i realised after about 1 month is that the usb ports and connection was kinda weird and sometimes stopped. Thats something which has been talked about alot in recent months about this motherboard so i flashed the bios to the current F13h. Less problems, but sometimes i feel like there are still some problems with the usb connection. But maybe its just my paranoia. But a major thing i noticed with this pc, is
  10. I probably dont understand how, but wouldnt that make the headphone have a 40cm cable and at the end instead of going into the umc202hd it goes into a bt adapter? Thats not really wireless in my thoughts @CTR640
  11. and are there no equal headphones to a dt990 pro in the wireless section?
  12. How would i change wired headphones into wireless, it still has a cable on it ?
  13. because i would like headphones which dont need cables. Just more comfort.
  14. Hi Guys, the last weeks i really thought of changing my audio equipment and thought of maybe getting wireless headphones for gaming & youtube. My current setup: Behringer UMC 202HD Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm T.Bone SC450 XLR i would like to change the headphones to a wireless variant. But on the other hand i really like the sound quality of the dt 990 pro. So im questioning wether there are equal good headphones, which are wireless and dont cost about 500€ +. Is there a thread for wireless headphone recommendations which i
  15. I have another question. On the motherboard i have the whole io area has this i guess plastic around it, and because of that my cpu cooler is slightly pressing down on it, but not really to deal any damage to the area, could this lead to problems with static ?